The project seeks to expand the capabilities and functionalities of the technological platform developed by SEAPort based on the PortCDM concept, PAULA (Platform for AUtomatically Linking Agents).


The purpose of the project is to obtain a tool focused on technology, scalable, adaptable to the characteristics of each port and its operations, through integrations with pre-existing port systems used for the management of port calls that provide valuable information, the use of technologies of Big Data and Machine Learning data that help not only to capture, but also to process and exploit the information and that leads to having a solution with the capacity to learn business rules and to identify exceptions from the inputs to the system and behavior rules.


The new developments include a module related to the environmental impact of the stopovers based on the calculation of the equivalent emissions of CO2, CO, HC, VOC, CH4 and NOx gases from ships so that port managers are aware of these values. and they can group them (by type of ship, port operation, etc.) and take the pertinent measures for their progressive minimization.

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