The project consists of the deployment and adaptation of our technological solution, PAULA, from the PortCDM family of systems, for the optimization of port operations based on the automatic exchange of information in real time between the main agents of the logistics-port community involved. in these processes, such as port authorities, technical-nautical service providers (pilots, mooring and tugboats) and port terminal operators.

The project involves the implementation of the PAULA platform in the real operational environment of the three ports managed by APV, Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía, with the support of the port-logistics community, with the aim of reaching technological maturity level nine ( TRL 9) to be marketed in the future nationally and internationally.

The solution proposed in the SEAPort project will optimize the use of the technologies used to manage port calls and the information exchange processes between the different actors involved, improving current communication flows and laying the foundations for decision-making. collaboration based on a clearer image of the situation and the resources available.

The SEAPort project has managed to attract the attention and interest of the logistics-port community, which includes the interest of port authorities, such as managers of port facilities; of the corporations of pilots, in charge of advising the captains of the maneuvers to be carried out in port; towing companies, such as support vessels in such operations; and mooring companies, which offer berthing and unberthing services at the dock; and to which shipping companies and terminal operators have joined.

The project promotes the digital transformation in the port environment through the integration with the real data of the agents on the events that occur in the calls of ships and the forecast of events that they carry out, with the purpose of facilitating the process of monitoring and follow-up, reducing risks and waiting times and improving the efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness of the logistics-port chain.

The Ports 4.0 capital fund is the corporate open innovation model adopted by Puertos del Estado and the Spanish Port Authorities to attract, support and facilitate the application of talent and entrepreneurship to the public and private Spanish port-logistics sector in the context of the 4th industrial Revolution.

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