Digital Twin 4 Green Shipping (DT4GS) is a 36-month project that aims to offer a “digital twin environment” so that both shipping companies and maritime players in general can take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the use of digital twins (DT). The project is co-financed by the H2020 program of the European Union.

The project will enable shipping stakeholders to use digital twins to support the transition to greener and smarter shipping. The project in which SEAPort participates as one of the partners covers the entire life cycle of the ship, from planning to design, construction, operation, modernization and decommissioning, adopting the federation of DT applications and using the DTLF (Digital Transport and Logistics Forum) policies and developments related to shared data space for the sector. DT4GS applications will focus on shipping companies, but will also provide an industry-wide decarbonisation decision support system for shipyards, equipment manufacturers, port authorities and operators, river commissions, societies classification, energy companies and transport infrastructure/corridor companies.


The project will establish realistic digital representations of the vessels, which will then be tested and validated in four Living Labs (LLs) with different types of vessels (tankers, containers, bulk carriers and ROPAX) with the aim of optimizing navigation/routing, machinery and the helmet, to energy management. The improvement of the efficiency of ships/transport systems through the application of “Just In Time” (JIT Arrivals) will be investigated.

The project involves 21 partners, including specialists and associations from the shipping industry, shipping companies, providers of digital twins for shipping, universities and research centers.

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