SEAPort Solutions names Gabriel Ferrús as CEO

From left to right: Gabriel Ferrús, José Oliver, Airam Rodríguez and Antonio Torregrosa.

This week the start-up SEAPort Solutions S.L. held its first board meeting in which Gabriel Ferrús was unanimously named as CEO. Moreover, the Management Board approved the proposed business plan and the commercial strategy.

SEAPort Solutions S.L. is a recently established company that offers IT services and develops technical solutions from the family of PortCDM systems (where CDM is the acronym of Collaborative Decision Making) aiming to improve the efficiency of ship calls in ports through shared digital information.

The Management Board is formed by its President, Antonio Torregrosa (General Director of Fundación Valenciaport), its Vice-president, José Oliver (General Manager of Infoport) and Airam Rodríguez (CEO of Híades Consulting).

Gabriel Ferrús Clari is an Industrial Engineer, a Specialist in Information Technology Integration in Organisations (ITIO) and holds an MSc in Port Management and Intermodal Logistics. He has over ten years of experience in the port and logistics sectors working as a Project Manager in the Innovation & Port Cluster Development Area of Fundación Valenciaport. For five years, he played a key role in the team that established the requirements of a collaborative system known as PortCDM (defined in the framework of the Monalisa 2.0 project) and coordinated the pilot test beds at the Mediterranean ports that participated in the STM Validation project.

“I feel honoured to have been chosen to lead this exciting initiative and I am looking forward to facing this new challenge with passion and enthusiasm”, Gabriel stated. “We will put all our efforts into offering our clients cutting-edge technological solutions optimising port call processes”.